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Good news for Embracia Reservoir – Temporary NO Visitor restriction has eased

October 27, 2020

We have good news to share, following two days of ZERO cases for Victoria and it appears the East Preston cluster is under control, DHHS has advised us we can revert our previous visitation setup allowing each resident to have one visitor, once a day for up to 1 hour commencing from tomorrow – Wednesday 28th October.

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Embracia Reservoir – COVID Hot spot in Preston and surrounding community area

October 24, 2020

You may be aware of the recent hot spot in Preston linked to the East Preston Islamic College.  Following this new cluster, we have been advised by the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) to restrict visitors to our home as a precautionary measure to keep our residents safe until this cluster is under control.  Please know we currently have NO CASES at Embracia Reservoir.

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Visitation can start tomorrow for everyone besides Winx

October 9, 2020

We are over the moon to announce you can visit your loved one from tomorrow, following the directives below!  Yes, following our continued work and communication with Dr Wong and the team at Public Health Unit (PHU), today they provided us with clearance for all households including Northerly residents who are returning from Winx now that they have been cleared to have daily visitation from their loved ones!  We have one resident who will remain in Winx with one on one care until they return their second negative test and can be then cleared to relocate back to Northerly too.  They have already returned one negative test and today they were swabbed for their second test, so we hope if that test is negative, tomorrow they too will be cleared and can return to Northerly and have visitation from their loved one.  It truly feels like FriYAY today with this news!

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All NEGATIVE from our 9th round of testing

October 8, 2020

To our patient and supportive residents, staff, families, and friends, we are pleased to share that we received 100% NEGATIVE results for both residents and staff from yesterday’s testing!  This means we stretch out our testing time to 5 days, rather than 72 hours, therefore we do not have any further tests until Monday 12th October.  This is a welcomed break for our residents and staff.

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Update on our 8th round of testing

October 5, 2020

Yesterday we had our 8th round of testing for our staff and residents.  We can confirm that all residents again tested negative.  We had one agency RN who worked in Winx test positive, but all other staff were negative.  This Registered Nurse has not worked anywhere else but Winx, therefore no resident is at risk.  We had representatives from the Public Health Unit (DHHS) attend our operations teleconference with the various authorities that we meet with and they commented that after completing their questioning regarding this nurse, that they couldn’t confirm if this was a case contracted at Embracia Moonee Valley or a case of community transmission. We have not had a resident test positive since 20th September and almost all residents have now been cleared.  Additionally, our staff have all tested negative, so it is difficult to identify when or from where they might have contracted COVID-19.  Nonetheless, we wish this nurse a speedy and safe recovery.  Our next round of testing is on Wednesday and then DHHS will review the testing regime, hopefully will move out to a day 11 test.

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