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Embracia Moonee Valley – Updates on staff testing

August 6, 2020

We thought we would provide a brief update following the completion of resident testing from Tuesday.  We have no new positive cases.  We are pleased to announce that another resident, one of our earliest cases, has returned their first negative result. We had one of our original cases return their 4th negative test result, and another person returned their second negative test result.  One of our positive cases that we reported tested negative last round, has surprisingly tested positive this round.  This is an odd case and we have referred this result to the Public Health Unit for further clarification. We will retest again on Friday or Saturday once we have confirmation of the next round.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – Updates on staff testing

August 3, 2020

Following Saturday’s staff testing, we wish to inform you that we have all results, beside one pending case.  All results received for staff have been NEGATIVE. This is a great result for our staff as many of them live in hot spots as well as come to work on the frontline.  We do everything we can to keep them safe and now with stage 4 restrictions, we hope this helps keep them even safer.  We are blessed to have such amazing staff and we are truly grateful.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – More updates from testing

August 2, 2020

We wish to update you on the final results from Friday’s testing.  We reported yesterday that from the results, there were no new positive cases, however, from the pending cases, some of which were only tested yesterday, we have one new positive case, and all others are negative.  One of the negative results was a resident who had previously been positive to COVID-19 and they have now had their first negative result.  This is our third resident to recover from COVID-19.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – Results from yesterday and a sad farewell

August 1, 2020

We wish to inform you and with the permission of his family, Vince O’Neil passed away last night, peacefully at Embracia Moonee Valley.  Since his diagnosis of COVID-19, Vince with his family, his GP and our clinical team, he set his own wishes and care directives, his wish was not to go to hospital and remain at our home, with the staff who love and cared for him.  His family have been able to come and visit and be with him with the support of our team assisting them with PPE.  Vince will be missed dearly by all of us as he was big character and a great man.  Our Embracia team send their love and condolences to his family and thank them for the privilege of having Vince in our home.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – next round of testing and more clearances

July 30, 2020

We have not had any new cases today which we hope is the beginning of things to come. We have more pleasing news that two more staff members have received clearance from DHHS and are able to return to work.

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