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Exercise with Karina

October 3, 2018

At Embracia we host a diverse range of activities designed to create a sense of purpose and joy in the lives of our residents. The most popular activity in our program is 'Exercise with Karina'. This class is a gentle daily movement class that helps residents to get the blood flowing, ease aches and pains, have a little fun and feel more connected to others in their community.

The class started as a weekly event at our Moonee Valley home in February this year, but has since become so popular that Karina now hosts it at our Reservoir home as well. It is attended by between 15 to 20 residents each day and is particularly suited to those who want to nurture their physical, mental and emotional well being.

Karina Sproal is our in house physiotherapist at Embracia, she works between our two homes in Moonee Valley and Reservoir. We have recently recruited Yongmin as part of her physio team to meet the growing demand from our eager residents. The exercise class can be combined with our physio or massage services, but the residents who do participate are finding that “Exercise with Karina” relieves the need for extra bodywork.


Karina is a gentle but enthusiastic teacher. She is passionate about keeping residents as independent as possible and has built a devoted following. Residents that take her class have reported back a wide range of physical and emotional benefits which is so pleasing to see.

Everyone in the class is treated individually, Karina adapts the movement patterns for attendees with any physical disabilities and encourages extra stretching for others. The goal is restoring independence without pushing too hard, so residents get to feel that they are still able to do things for themselves.


Encouraging physical well being was the original intent of the class, but Karina’s students have found the benefits go far beyond this. Easing physical discomfort is her specialty and she has seen her students gaining strength each week. Building strength enables residents to walk independently and reduces the likelihood of falls.

The social and emotional aspects of Karina’s classes are what really warm our hearts. We’ve seen isolated residents come out of their shells to have a laugh and connect with a sense of freedom and happiness again. The simple regular practice of movement has an incredible effect on the brain, and over time, the physical side of it becomes a secondary benefit.


For Karina, the joy of teaching is more than just seeing the benefits of the physical therapy. She loves talking to the residents and being able to make their day special. She understands that they get more out of this simple connection than they do from having a massage or one on one physio. She says that just being there with the residents and watching them have fun is a terrific experience.

Families often request that we make sure their loved ones come to the class, and our staff are happy to help. We’ve had residents with dementia not only share that they remember the class, but that it makes them feel happy. This is what gives Karina the most satisfaction, and it has inspired her to offer walking groups and Pilates classes for the residents of Embracia in the future.

If you would like to hear more about what we offer our residents at Embracia, feel free to contact us or book a tour of one of our homes today.

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Our residents are having more fun than many half their age

September 12, 2018

These days, aged care facilities are very different from what they once were. Nursing homes used to be known as dull institutional environments, but all of that has changed with new attitudes and higher standards of care at nursing homes such as Embracia. After years in the industry, our goal was to create an environment where your loved one will want to spend time while we help you share the load of care. With conveniences like an onsite hairdresser, a GP hub with a suite of visiting allied health professionals, great café coffee, a wellness centre and even church services- our residents have everything they need at their doorstep.

Going beyond the ‘needs’ of our residents to provide their ‘wants’

Embracia residents and their families are often surprised at the sense of community and fun we’ve created in our homes. Enjoying life is so important for mental, physical and spiritual health, we see creating laughter as a vital part of our care system.

Everyone has different needs, but the key is finding out each of our resident’s ‘wants’ and making sure there’s something fun on offer to meet them. Each month our dedicated lifestyle team create a programme based around our residents’ interests, which sees them having more fun than those half their age!

From chick flick nights to physio led pilates and even a Star Wars Day!

With many different activities, residents can pick and choose the things they would like to participate in each day. We find the energy levels of aged care residents change frequently, so we make sure there’s always a soft option to cater for residents having a tired day. Here’s a list of our resident’s top five choices.

  • Cacti planting – Such beautiful self-reliant little plants we love helping residents to plant cacti and succulents to create small gardens of their own.
  • Chick flicks – It’s all giggles and bonding with our chick flick specials. Think warm cups of tea and reminiscing. Residents head to bed each night feeling connected and close to their friends in the community.
  • Mindful painting – Sometimes dexterity can be a challenge, so we focus on enjoying the process with mindful painting practices that resident’s find very soothing.
  • Bocce – A gentle ball sport that’s a bit like boules. It’s very social and even challenging. You’d be surprised and who’s topping the Bocce leader board each week!
  • Happy hour – The highlight of the week on the resident’s social calendar. Happy Hour is always a full house where residents have a chance to relax, enjoy a drink and each other’s company.

Every month is different at Embracia

It would take too long to list all of the fun activities at Embracia, but you can expect your loved one to be offered everything we’ve mentioned plus more:

●       Physio led exercise classes and group walks

●       Cooking groups including biscuit decorating and pasta making

●       Catholic communion

●       Bingo! (We love Bingo here)

●       Arts and Crafts

●       A variety of shows/presentations from visiting performers or special guest speakers

●       Herb and vegetable garden planting

●       Themed days based on special events/holidays

●       Movies for all to enjoy

●       Organised outing in our facility bus, the last trip was to the Melbourne Aquarium

Round the clock care for the mind, body and soul

We are proud to offer such a fun and varied program of regular activities at Embracia. We invite you to book a tour of our home today where you can witness the fun firsthand and decide if Embracia is the next home for your loved one.

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