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The Benefits of Staying Active

May 8, 2019

The World Health Organisation Declares Aged Care Activity A Lifesaver

Here at Embracia, we’ve instinctively known that keeping our residents active is an integral part of their overall care regime, and the good news is that the World Health Organisation agrees. They have now released research stating the concrete benefits of staying active as we get older - and there are many. Read on to find out how keeping active can help your ageing family member.

Redefining Wellness at Embracia Aged Care Homes

These days we measure physical health by how much functionality a person has. Function is measured by the ageing person’s ability to perform the things they need to do to feel physically and emotionally well.

The concept of well being has three aspects, social, mental and physical. Activity should always aim to improve at least one of these three aspects of life. Residents report an increase in feeling connected to the world and one another after undergoing physical activity, these feelings do wonders for their mental well being.

The process of ageing is challenging enough, here at Embracia we want to make sure our residents feel as well as possible for as long as possible.

Embracia Keeps People Moving

At Embracia, we tailor our care to your loved one’s needs. Some of the more ‘active’ of the activities we do with residents include walking groups around the neighboring streets. We find the residents love to get out in the sun and see the local neighborhood around both of our Melbourne based nursing homes.

There are also daily group exercise classes with Karina the physiotherapist, and we put on carpet bowls and Bocce on rainy days. There’s also handball to keep hand/eye coordination sharp and of course each month residents find themselves at RSL socials where they can dance to live music. We also bring in live entertainers for the residents who are less able to get out and about, but are still keen to be involved and keep active.

Activity: Four Essential Elements Of Aged Care

One of the first benefits we start seeing is an improvement in the ability to reach and balance. When your loved one is encouraged to be active, it gives them confidence and independence.

2. Longevity

Gentle exercise like walking can add several years to your lifespan. The World Health Organisation reports that sedentary living is one of the top causes of disability and early death.

3. Fall Prevention

Activity and gentle exercise reduce not just falls but the fear of falling. Confidence is gained through improved strength and balance. If falls have been an issue for your loved one, our physiotherapist can help them work on building muscle and preserving bone density to help reduce the instance of falls in the future.

4. Relieve Chronic Pain

Many residents live with chronic pain. Gentle activity increases blood flow to the heart which keeps cholesterol levels down and therefore reduces incidents of stroke or heart disease. It can also help reduce pain and to manage all sorts of physical conditions by increasing muscle tone, strength and ability.

Understand the Embracia Aged Care Experience

Discover the benefits of staying active at Embracia Aged Care homes, contact us on 1800 281 274 to book a tour.

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Day Respite Centre opening at Moonee Valley- April 2019

March 19, 2019

Embracia Moonee Valley is happy to announce the opening of our Day Respite Centre in late April 2019, a welcoming haven for clients over the age of 65 years. Loved ones can be dropped off to experience Embracia Moonee Valley on a Wednesday and/or Thursday between 9.30 am- 3.00 pm. These days will increase in line with demand over time.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give your loved one a taste of what it’s like at an aged care facility. They’ll be able to rest and interact with others in the community in a completely safe and friendly environment.

High quality short term aged care

The day respite program is overseen by qualified nursing staff providing the highest level of care for our visitors. Our team of personal carers, nurses and lifestyle staff will be on hand to provide assistance and support throughout the day.

Whilst an aged care assessment (ACAS) is preferred, it is not essential. The Aged Care Assessment does provide us with a complete medical history, however our qualified clinicians will also undertake their own assessment before admission to the program to ensure we can meet all the client’s care needs. The important thing is communication. We know you’re entrusting us with your loved one for the day and we don’t take that lightly.

Respite care for the whole family

Our designated lifestyle, nursing and care staff, will create a varied program of activities to keep our day centre clients engaged and inspired. Consider it a self-care outing for your loved one and a period of welcome respite for you. The day to day pressures of caring for an aging loved one can become overwhelming for even the most resilient family members, so taking a break is a wise and kind practice for both you and your loved one.

The introduction of a one or two day a week routine of respite care for your loved one will give your family and the primary caregiver some valuable time off. Whether you use it to run errands, catch a yoga class or just read a book at home. You’ll be giving yourself a well earned break at the same time as helping your relative ease gently into this next stage of life.

Fall In love with Embracia Moonee Valley

The scene is set for our visitors and residents to have a great day out at the Moonee Valley Day Respite centre. Everything from good coffee, delicious chef prepared meals, a funny movie, gentle exercise classes and an afternoon in the library or even a nurturing haircut. Clients will also have access to all amenities within the home including the café, outdoor spaces, chapel, physiotherapy, and the hair salon.

Our clients find the benefits of social interaction and getting involved with others in the aged community is a great way to help them feel connected. Just being out of the house and on an outing is a great way to lift their spirits.

An introduction to Aged Care

If you’re wondering about the future, the Moonee Valley Day Respite program is a great way for family members to ease their loved one into the aged care process gently. At some point they may need permanent care, so we’d love to welcome them and make them as comfortable as possible with the home, in-case that time may arise down the track.

There are lots of aged care facilities out there, but Moonee Valley is one of the few who takes a truly holistic approach to maintain the health and well being of our elderly clients. Our team of staff are compassionate leaders who go the extra mile for our residents to ensure their time in aged care is as comfortable, stimulating and fun as possible.

Contact Embracia Moonee Valley today

If you’d like your loved one to experience a day in the Respite Centre, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 8579 4800 or CLICK HERE to complete a quick form to register your interest. We can talk through their needs, book in a tour and make sure we have everything on hand to care for them while they’re with us.

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