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Update on our 8th round of testing

October 5, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

Re: Update on our 8th round of testing.

Yesterday we had our 8th round of testing for our staff and residents.  We can confirm that all residents again tested negative.  We had one agency RN who worked in Winx test positive, but all other staff were negative.  This Registered Nurse has not worked anywhere else but Winx, therefore no resident is at risk.  We had representatives from the Public Health Unit (DHHS) attend our operations teleconference with the various authorities that we meet with and they commented that after completing their questioning regarding this nurse, that they couldn’t confirm if this was a case contracted at Embracia Moonee Valley or a case of community transmission. We have not had a resident test positive since 20th September and almost all residents have now been cleared.  Additionally, our staff have all tested negative, so it is difficult to identify when or from where they might have contracted COVID-19.  Nonetheless, we wish this nurse a speedy and safe recovery.  Our next round of testing is on Wednesday and then DHHS will review the testing regime, hopefully will move out to a day 11 test.

We also wish to advise that one of our residents from Winx passed away peacefully late yesterday whilst on palliative care.  We are sending love and best wishes to their family during this difficult time.

During our teleconference today, representatives from the Public Health Unit praised our work and ability to contain the virus through cohorting of staff and residents and congratulated us on achieving the reduced restrictions for six of our households. They felt we were unlucky to have this new positive case and encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing, and they believe we will be out of this soon.    We are working with the Outbreak Squad to see if we can devise a plan to get families potentially accessing their loved ones outside in designated locations.  We will advise as soon as we have anything to report on this, but please know all our senior an executive management team have been passionately brainstorming ways to connect you all to your loved one, but also meeting safety regulations.  Please understand this is challenging as we are serving many masters.

We are pleased to inform you that 9 of our 10 staff have now gained clearance from DHHS and have recovered from COVID-19.  We have only 3 residents that do not have clearance, but our team have submitted information to DHHS for clearance of 2 of these cases and the other who is day 19 is just waiting another clinical review before we seek that final clearance too.

Below is an updated format that provides you with active cases.

Active Cases according to our notifications:


  • Original total: 13 residents.
  • Cleared COVID cases:   6 residents
  • Active cases: 3 Residents
  • Passed: 4 residents (2 from COVID-19 and 2 passed relating to other medical conditions).


  • Original total: 10 Staff
  • Cleared cases: 9 Staff
  • Active Cases: 1 Active cases
  • Other Contacts: 1 Contractor (Counted by DHHS) – Has now been cleared

Keep checking both Facebook and Instagram for daily photos and videos.  Please also keep booking your zoom call and window visits with our lifestyle team (lifestylemv@embraciavic.com.au).  Thank you again for working with us and for your ongoing support.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager


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