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Update on Covid-19

June 2, 2020

Dear Families and Friends of Embracia Reservoir,

We would like to keep you informed every step of the way whilst our home is in lockdown following our announcement of a staff member testing positive to COVID-19 yesterday. We have the Governments’ First Response Squad at the home working with our team and we have commenced testing our staff and residents. We will have to wait for test results to come back over the coming few days, so we ask for your patience in advance.

I write to you today as the Managing Director and as a family member.  Many of you may not be aware that my Dad is a resident at Embracia Reservoir too.  I want to acknowledge that I do understand this is such a challenging time and impacted by not being able to physically see, love and talk with your loved one.  I know this can make us feel anxious, scared, and isolated as families and friends in the community by not being able to visit right now.  I know as a daughter, I miss my Dad already, but I remind myself that my family chose Embracia Reservoir for a reason and I truly believe my Dad could be in no better hands.

I wish to acknowledge and praise our amazing staff.  At Embracia Reservoir we have a truly special team who are trained, skilled and ready to deal with the situation at hand.  They are kind, loving, empathetic and are there for your loved one. I am also confident with the leadership of our managers Catrina and Ariella, with whom I have worked with for more than a decade.  They are available and committed to supporting the team, the residents and all of us as the Embracia community.

Over the coming days we ask for your support and patience whilst we further progress our action plan with testing and working closely with the Government authorities.  Post testing, we will work hard to increase your opportunity to communicate with your loved one from afar.  Our team will work to further increase our Facebook and Instagram posts, so you keep connected and you see what is happening in the home.  Please feel free to write letters and drop them at the front door, share printed photos (not originals) or even drawings from grandkids and we can share them with your loved one.

If you are concerned regarding your own health, we encourage you to contact your doctor to discuss your wellbeing. On behalf of the management, the staff, and the residents, we sincerely thank you for your support, patience, and cooperation in keeping all at Embracia Reservoir safe.  I would like to reassure you that we are striving to do what is needed to deliver the care, comfort and safety to our residents and keeping the staff safe too. We will continue to provide more information as it becomes available. We recognise that communication is key to us all staying informed and remaining connected.

Stay safe,

Sarah MacKenzie
Daughter and Managing Director

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