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Results from our 7th Round of Testing

September 30, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

Re: Results from our 7th Round of Testing

Today we received the results from our 7th round of testing and we are pleased to share that ALL results from our testing onsite of staff and residents was NEGATIVE.  This is a great result and fingers crossed we are getting closer and closer to bringing us all back together as soon as it is safe to do so.  We have not had a further resident case since 20th September.

We are also pleased to share that we received our first resident clearance, meaning they have been cleared as recovered from COVID-19.  We have submitted information to DHHS for clearance of a further 7 residents who have met the clinical criteria for clearance.  We await their response.  We are pleased to report that residents in Winx household are mostly all free from COVID symptoms and are being well supported and cared for.  There are no residents with symptoms in all other areas on the home.

We informed you Sunday that we had submitted a formal request to the Public Health Unit (PHU) at DHHS to lift restrictions on all our COVID free households after 6 rounds of negative results.  We have still not received a response.  Now with 7 rounds of negative results, we have again requested to PHU to ease their directives on our COVID free households to let our residents roam within their household and socialise together.  We now called upon our Commonwealth representatives to help escalate the matter as we continue to voice and fight for our residents’ rights.

I am very vocal to all authorities regarding the isolation our residents and the impacts that can have on their wellbeing.  We continue to explain to the authorities that our staff are doing everything possible to support our residents wellbeing through increased staff to facilitate activities, both individual and corridor activities.  Our physios are still here and ensuring they are meeting the physical needs of our residents.  Our team are facilitating communication via zoom calls and window visits, but at the end of the day, we are not their close family.  We need to reunite our residents with their loved ones, with their friends and fellow residents.  I remain dedicated and passionate to pushing our cause for reduced restrictions as I am not just a Managing Director, I am a daughter of a resident in aged care too.  My father is a resident at Embracia Reservoir and twice due to lockdown I have been restricted from visiting him, so I empathise with the painful, helpless and isolating experience of not being with your loved one.  I will keep on this cause, you have my word.

Our staff who have tested positive are traveling well and we are delighted to report that 4 staff have now been cleared by DHHS as recovered and fit for work again.  We have reached out to more staff and we are awaiting hear if they have received clearance.  We look forward to welcoming our cleared staff back over the coming days.

Below is an updated format that provides you with active cases.

Active Cases according to our notifications:


  • Original total: 13 residents.
  • Cleared COVID cases:   1 resident
  • Active cases: 9 Residents: 7 pending clearance, 2 still active.


  • Original total: 10 Staff
  • Cleared cases: 4 Staff
  • Active Cases: 6 Active cases.
  • Other Contacts: 1 Contractor  (Counted by DHHS)

We are awaiting information regarding our next round of testing.  We have been told that usually following 100% negative results, we move to 5 days until our next test, rather than the 72 hour rolling timeframe that we have been on.  We will let you know when we are informed.   Please keep following our Facebook page, Instagram, and our website to keep up to date.  Also, make sure you keep emailing our lifestyle team at lifestylemv@embraciavic.com.au to book a Zoom call, FaceTime or a window visit.  Keep working with us as together we will get through this.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager


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