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Update on our 8th round of testing

October 5, 2020

Yesterday we had our 8th round of testing for our staff and residents.  We can confirm that all residents again tested negative.  We had one agency RN who worked in Winx test positive, but all other staff were negative.  This Registered Nurse has not worked anywhere else but Winx, therefore no resident is at risk.  We had representatives from the Public Health Unit (DHHS) attend our operations teleconference with the various authorities that we meet with and they commented that after completing their questioning regarding this nurse, that they couldn’t confirm if this was a case contracted at Embracia Moonee Valley or a case of community transmission. We have not had a resident test positive since 20th September and almost all residents have now been cleared.  Additionally, our staff have all tested negative, so it is difficult to identify when or from where they might have contracted COVID-19.  Nonetheless, we wish this nurse a speedy and safe recovery.  Our next round of testing is on Wednesday and then DHHS will review the testing regime, hopefully will move out to a day 11 test.

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Great news to share!

October 2, 2020

We wanted to brighten your Friday and send you into the weekend with some great news.  We are pleased to report that have now have formal confirmation that 6 of our residents have now been cleared of COVID-19, leaving only 4 active resident cases which we hope to clear in the coming days.  We also have an additional staff member who is cleared, showing things are heading in the right direction.

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Results from our 7th Round of Testing

September 30, 2020

Today we received the results from our 7th round of testing and we are pleased to share that ALL results from our testing onsite of staff and residents was NEGATIVE.  This is a great result and fingers crossed we are getting closer and closer to bringing us all back together as soon as it is safe to do so.  We have not had a further resident case since 20th September.

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Results from our 6th Round of Testing

September 27, 2020

Today we received the results from yesterday’s testing, and it is pleasing to report that all residents have returned negative results. We do not have any further resident cases of COVID-19.  Unfortunately, one staff member from Northerly returned a positive result and they are now self-isolating. We wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see them back at work very soon. It is worth noting that this staff member did not work during their infectious period and therefore they do not have any close contacts at Embracia Moonee Valley. All other staff have returned negative results which is good outcome.

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Results from our 5th Round of Testing

September 24, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that from yesterday’s testing at Embracia Moonee Valley, we received 100% NEGATIVE results for residents and staff.  This is the best result we could ask for and we thank our staff and management team for their tireless commitment, passion and dedication they bring to each shift 24/7, all working to keep our residents and staff safe.

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Understanding Infection Control and a COVID update

September 22, 2020

Last night we were informed by one of our Embracia nursing staff members that they had been tested external to our testing with Sonic and returned a positive result.  The complexity of this case is that the staff member tested negative at our 3rd round of testing on Thursday 17th September, worked their last shift at Embracia Moonee Valley on the same day, but then tested positive on 20th September.  This staff member did not work with any of our positive cases but has tested positive.  It remains unclear based on our contact tracing whether this maybe a case of community transmission. Regardless, our staff member is a victim of the highly contagious virus, but they were vigilant in getting tested when they developed a sore throat on Sunday, and are now self-isolating so that they can protect others and reduce the spread. We wish to inform you our 5th round of testing is tomorrow for residents and staff.

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Round 4 of testing results at Embracia Moonee Valley

September 21, 2020

Yesterday we had our 4th round of testing for residents and staff.  We had 231 tests completed and we received one new positive, which is a resident from Northerly household who has mild symptoms and has now been moved to Winx household in line with our cohorting process.  The other 230 all tested negative to COVID-19, meaning all other households remain COVID free after 4 rounds of tests.  We have another round of testing planned for Wednesday and we will share those results with you on Thursday.  Although we are disappointed to have another positive case, we are pleased to have contained it to one part of our home.  In aged care and hospitals, it is always the most difficult to contain any highly infectious virus in an area with people living with dementia.  Every attempt has been made and is continually made to support and direct residents to their rooms. The constant cleaning of communal and high touch surfaces is constant, however, in an area with people living with dementia, this is particularly challenging.  It has resulted in us having to consider all residents in the Northerly household to be close contacts of one another as it is difficult to monitor every resident, every second of the day, even with increased staffing.

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Results from Round 3 of testing at Embracia Moonee Valley

September 18, 2020

Today we received our results for all staff and residents who were tested yesterday at our home, including the retesting of one resident in Northerly due to an invalid sample. Unfortunately, this resident has now tested positive to COVID-19 which brings our total to 12 residents. This resident, like the others from Northerly, has now been moved to our Winx household.  We are pleased to inform you that all other residents, in all other households, have returned their 3rd negative result, this means we do not have any cases outside of our Northerly Household. Furthermore, this means that we have more than 110+ residents who are COVID free. In relation to our staff, unfortunately we have to report that 3 more staff have tested positive, but all other staff have tested negative for a 3rd time.  The 3 new staff cases are staff from our Northerly household, and they have come up as detected during our infectious incubation period. These staff are safely isolating at home and we wish them a speedy recovery.


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Results from Northerly testing yesterday

September 17, 2020

We informed you yesterday that Embracia Moonee Valley took it upon ourselves to conduct testing on our remaining Northerly residents to fit within the 72-hour testing cycle, as well as we had some residents with very mild symptoms.  We also wanted to test sooner so we know what we are dealing with sooner and to stop a further day being added for all our resident across the home experiencing lockdown.  We can report today from the 9 residents living with dementia in the Northerly household, 4 more have tested positive, 4 negative and 1 was an invalid sample and we have retested that resident today.  We have now cohorted these 4 residents to our Winx household and we can report that only one of these residents has symptoms, all others remain asymptomatic.  All other residents from all other households and our staff were tested today.  We hope to receive all other results tomorrow.

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Clarification on cases and tomorrow’s testing

September 16, 2020

We write today to keep you informed of our cases as it was brought to our attention that we have conflicting case numbers to what DHHS are publishing on their website.  It appears to us that they have merged data from our two Outbreaks, but even then, we cannot reconcile their numbers to match ours.  We absolutely and categorically refute their publication of 16 Active cases.  We can confirm as we did yesterday, we have 7 residents and 4 staff as active cases, which totals 11 active cases.  We have no idea where they are getting a further 5 additional cases and they have certainly not reported them to us.  We have escalated this matter to our Commonwealth Case Manager who is assisting us to get responses from Public Health Unit (PHU) and DHHS as they again today did not attend out Operations Meeting and we have multiple emails directly to Team One at DHHS still awaiting response.

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