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How Embracia nurtures the next generation of care providers

September 11, 2019
Australia is getting older and wiser – 1 in 7 Aussies, or 15% of the population, were aged 65 and over in 2017. Those figures are projected to increase over the next few decades. As our population continues to age, empathetic and competent care providers are needed more than ever.

Embracia believes in the transfer of valuable skills and knowledge to aspiring care providers through its prestigious student program. These students are an integral part of the community, cultivating friendships with residents and staff. The most promising candidates go on to become Embracia employees and leaders in the aged care industry.

More on our student program

This year, we have close to 300 students from up to 10 registered training organisations (RTOs) studying certificates in individual support and ageing support services. These students are poised for personal care assistant positions upon completion of their studies.

Embracia understands the need for more suitably qualified workers to be able to provide quality, person centred care to its residents.

Our approach to hands-on learning

Our students typically receive 120 to 160 hours of placement with our nursing home, as well as a comprehensive induction. To help them settle into this new environment, the students are assigned to certain lifestyle areas and sections of our aged care facility, giving them the opportunity to get to know the residents, who love seeing new faces in the home.

The benefit of this arrangement is two-fold: first, it gives the students an authentic experience of what it would be like to work in a care facility. Second, residents thrive on the attention, care, and engagement they receive, enabling them to create new friendships, if only for a short period of time.

Students wear colour coded name tags indicating to staff and residents that they are still in training so residents are aware that they are working in a limited capacity and can’t help with absolutely everything just yet. Our colour coded system works as follows

Blue- Student is new and only able to work in lifestyle.

Red- The student’s first few days in a household, they must have constant supervision from staff and are observing only.

Orange- As the student’s confidence and skills develop they are able to interact with residents more independently.

Green- Towards the end of the student program, it is all systems go and the student is able to work as they would as a Personal Care Worker.

Residents’ involvement in the student program

Our residents are usually the best opinions on how well the students have done during their work experience. Having a great relationship with the residents is often one of the best indicators that the student could be a good choice for a future role.

For their part, students have reported gaining fulfillment from the program as they get to experience the environment first hand, helping them see what it’s like to look after the residents and help them with day-to-day activities

They learn the importance of building relationships and friendships with residents and staff to make caring for residents a more enjoyable experience. This reduces any stress or discomfort for everyone in the community and helps students fulfill their duties to the highest levels.

How to join

Embracia has facilities in Reservoir and Moonee Valley. Dianna Chapman is in charge of Education, Learning and Development.

Get in touch with us  to find out how you can join our student program and start a career in the aged care industry.

We provide exceptional aged care in an intimate community that feels like home.