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Great news to share!

October 2, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

Re: Great news to share!

We wanted to brighten your Friday and send you into the weekend with some great news.  We are pleased to report that have now have formal confirmation that 6 of our residents have now been cleared of COVID-19, leaving only 4 active resident cases which we hope to clear in the coming days.  We also have an additional staff member who is cleared, showing things are heading in the right direction.

As we reported on Wednesday, we made a second follow up with Public Health Unit (PHU) at DHHS and we are thankful for the efforts of Dr Evelyn Wong who has championed our various concerns that had not been address by PHU during her days off.  She was able to escalate our pending approvals for resident clearances and achieved the great outcomes listed above.  Dr Wong also arranged for the DHHS Outbreak Squad to visit our home yesterday which is a requirement of any home seeking easing of restrictions in any part of the home.  Following this visit and excellent feedback from the Outbreak Squad regarding our set up and infection control practices, we were hoping to have a result late today (hence the late letter), but we are likely in the coming hours or days to been given approval from the Deputy Public Health Commander, endorsing the partial lifting of restrictions at Embracia Mooney Valley for the following households: Pharlap, Manikato, Young Idea, Chatham, Kingston Town and Tulloch.  Easing of restrictions for the abovementioned 6 households means that residents no longer need to be isolated in their rooms and Tier 1 PPE may be used in their care (masks and shields). Visitors are not permitted yet though.  Please watch our Facebook and Instagram pages over the weekend as we will announce it as soon as we receive this downgrade of restrictions on these 6 households. These 6 households are already considered “green zones”, whereas Winx is a “red zone” and Northerly is considered an “amber zone” at this stage.  We hope with another round of negative results, which will lead to day 11 testing being mid next week, that the whole home gets a further downgrade for all.

Many of you may be aware that on the DHHS website, and various media sources, that the numbers being recorded against Embracia Moonee Valley appear much higher than we have been reporting.  Again, via the assistance of Dr Wong, Embracia has queried these numbers as they do not match our data.  Dr Wong confirmed with us today that the PHU agree with Embracia’s numbers regarding resident and staff cases, and she has confirmed that PHU data does not match that being reported on DHHS website.  She has escalated this issue internally for DHHS to review their published information as it does not match the information recorded and reconciled between Embracia and the Public Health Unit.  We hope DHHS will correct or explain the extra cases they have listed for us.

Below is an updated format that provides you with active cases.

Active Cases according to our notifications:


  • Original total: 13 residents
  • Cleared COVID cases:   6 residents
  • Active cases: 4 Residents
  • Passed: 3 residents (1 from COVID-19 and 2 passed relating to other medical conditions).


  • Original total: 10 Staff
  • Cleared cases: 5 Staff
  • Active Cases: 5 Active cases
  • Other Contacts: 1 Contractor (Counted by DHHS)

Our next round of testing will be on Sunday for staff and residents, so we will report the outcomes of that round on Monday.  Please do not expect a formal letter over the weekend as a result.  Of course, keep checking both Facebook and Instagram as we will keep posting daily as we do during these times.

Thank you again for working with us and for your support and patience.  Today we feel like our persistence has paid off.  We wish each and every one of you a wonderful weekend, please enjoy the weather, don’t forget about daylight savings.  On a funny note, be thankful that this weekend we lose an hour of 2020!!!

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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