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Embracia Reservoir – More confirmed cases of COVID-19

October 4, 2021

Dear Residents and Families

RE: Embracia Reservoir – More confirmed cases of COVID-19

Today we received the results from yesterday’s testing and our new cases are listed below.

New resident cases                                2

New Staff cases                                      0

Total New Cases                             2   

Previous reported resident total           12

Previous reported staff total                  4

Total Cases                                         18    

From the testing over the weekend, we have two residents in the Love household testing positive to COVID19. Currently they are asymptomatic but only one of the residents is fully vaccinated. The doctors have reported that all the residents are managing at this time with some residents on subcutaneous fluids or receiving oxygen. The doctors have explained that this is encouraging at this stage however it is in the next few days that we shall see the true impact of the virus. This is an important week for the health of our residents because the critical time for general health decline occurs between days 5-10. The Public Health doctors are visiting daily and monitoring all the residents in Love very closely.

In accordance with our Outbreak Management Plan and the guidance from the Public Health Unit, we have cohorted all residents, who have tested positive, into the Love household. This household is set up with additional specialised nursing staff, doctors, and equipment specifically to cope with supporting residents with COVID-19. This means that Love remains a red zone, but all other households move to amber zone. We are waiting for today’s tests’ results, and hopefully we may be able to relax some of the restrictions in the amber area.

We will continue testing every 48 hours for residents in Love and staff. The Public Health unit have advised that all other residents should be able to reduce their frequency of testing depending on the results due tomorrow.

The feedback from our team in relation to residents’ mental health is that they seem to be managing well. We have individual activities, visits to each resident, and staff are keeping in regular contact with them, so they remain engaged. Like all of us, they are keen to get back to some normality as quickly and safely as we can.

The home remains in lockdown and so we encourage you to make contact via phone or other means to keep in touch. If you would like assistance for digital communication, please contact our Lifestyle team on lifestylec@embraciavic.com.au.

We thank you again for your support, love, and prayers.

Stay safe.

Kind regards

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt

Camille Gordon
General Manager

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