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Embracia Reservoir has been approved to cease lockdown and move to active surveillance (Easing restrictions)

June 11, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

Re: Embracia Reservoir has been approved to cease lockdown and move to active surveillance (Easing restrictions)

We are pleased to announce that the State and Commonwealth Health Departments have authorised Embracia Reservoir to cease lockdown from today.  We have been placed into an active surveillance state, which includes restrictions which we all need to abide by, however, you can now come in and visit your loved one under the following rules and restrictions. There will be additional screening and registration processes.

The new visitation conditions will commence from 2.00pm today, 11th June 2020 and remain for the next 14 days and we will update you with the next steps.

The conditions are:

  • Visiting hours will be from 10.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am-3.00pm on weekends 
  • One visit per day with a maximum of 2 visitors at one time.
  • Visits will be a maximum of 30 minutes duration
  • Visits may only take place in a Resident’s room or outside
  • Entry and exit to and from the home will be from Glasgow Avenue ONLY
  • All visitors will require a current vaccination against influenza (and provide evidence unless you already have)
  • All visitors will be required to undertake screening which now will include a temperature check.
  • All visitors must report their full name and phone number and list the full name of the resident they are visiting. This is for future tracing purposes and a government requirement.
  • Visitors must sign confirmation of screening questions -Admin staff will manage this on weekdays and the EN on weekends.
  • Visitors will not be permitted if they have travelled in the last 14 days, had contact with known COVID-19 cases or experiencing any illness, or flu like symptoms.
  • Residents are no longer required to isolate in their rooms and may use the common areas of the facility. Visits are to be in their rooms or outside, and not permitted in common areas.
  • Residents may attend offsite appointments where necessary
  • We all must remain vigilant for symptoms of COVID-19 and if unwell do not enter the facility.

Although this is a relaxation of the current restrictions, we must remain vigilant and follow these directives, so we ensure that we continue to provide the care, comfort, and safety to our residents. These new conditions are also put in place to protect our visitors, residents and staff, so we all remain healthy and safe. We will continue to keep you informed and welcome you back!

If you have any queries, please contact us so we may answer your concerns.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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