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Embracia Reservoir – Further update on residents and testing

October 12, 2021

Dear Residents and Families

RE: Embracia Reservoir – Further update on residents and testing

We are saddened to report that over the weekend two residents diagnosed with COVID-19 passed away. Their condition deteriorated Saturday afternoon and they were provided the care they needed until they passed peacefully on Sunday morning. Both families were offered the opportunity to come and visit their loved one and were required to wear full PPE for their protection. We send our love and prayers to their families at this time.

Also, on Monday we were informed that another resident, who had been transferred to hospital on Saturday due to an unrelated COVID need, has passed away in hospital. We were told that their passing was sudden, and we have not been informed whether COVID was a contributing factor. However, in our experience, it is likely their passing will be included as a COVID death.  We send our condolences to their family and friends as they work through their loss.

From the testing conducted on the 8th October, we identified another resident in the Love household to be positive with COVID, this resident is highly mobile and likes to wander and therefore, was unfortunately always deemed to be at high risk of catching the virus. This brings the total to 15 residents with COVID. There is one resident who are receiving additional fluids and one on oxygen for additional support. There is a lot of variability between residents’ conditions as they fight this infection. We are constantly monitoring all residents and have observed that their health can fluctuate through the day and night.

We continue to have InReach doctors and clinical team coming daily to our home to support our staff as well as Catrina and Ariella who have worked tirelessly everyday to monitor all aspects of this outbreak.  We cannot thank these two amazing leaders, nurses and individuals for their commitment, hard work and passion for their residents and staff.

Today we had our day 13 testing for our Harmony, Peace and Happiness households as they have had zero COVID cases.  If all these results return negative, then our residents should be able to come out of their rooms and socialise with each other within their individual households.  It will also mean essential visit to these residents can resume, so please hope and pray for another round of negative results.

Our Joy Household has different dates due to having one positive resident case. However, they were tested today too.  The resident who tested positive moved on Monday 4th October into our cohorted Love household, therefore the 4th became day 0 for the Joy household, making their day 13 testing for clearance to be Sunday 17th October.  If all those results come back negative, the Joy household should also become free to socialise with each other, just within the household and again essential care visits can recommence.

Our Love household unfortunately needs to wait a little longer for clearance. The negative cases and staff in that household continue to have testing every 48 hours.  At this stage, given the last resident tested positive on 8th October, this becomes the new day 0 for this household.  This means that if there are no further positive cases, we hope to have day 13 testing on Thursday 21st October.

It has been a busy time since our last letter, and we thank you again for your understanding. Please keep in contact as usual and if you would like assistance for digital communication, please contact our Lifestyle team on lifestylec@embraciavic.com.au.

We will continue to keep you update with our progress.

Kind regards

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt

Camille Gordon
General Manager

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