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Embracia Reservoir COVID-19 Update

June 3, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

Yesterday we were able to complete the first round of testing of all residents and 106 staff members for COVID-19. The process will be to retest everyone again in a few days to confirm the results of the first round.

Although this is only the first hurdle, and there are more to come, we are pleased to share with you that all tests returned a negative result. That means that all residents and the 106 staff have tested negative for COVID-19 at this early stage. We will need to retest everyone again in a few days to ensure that the virus is not present. Although these results are encouraging, we need to remain in lockdown for the initial 14 days to ensure that no one develops symptoms.

The process for testing is:

  1. Conduct the initial test – Done.
  2. Results = negative. This is a good start!
  3. Conduct the follow up test in a few days
  4. Results = these results will determine the next steps. We will be advised at the time whether more testing is required.
  5. Remain in lockdown for the full 14 days to ensure clearance.

We have seven staff members who have been identified as close contacts and their first test has returned negative results for COVID-19 too. They are still required to self-isolate for 14 days and they will be retested in five days in accordance with the infection control protocols. Our only staff member who tested positive remains at home and is slowly recovering. We are grateful for their diligence and consideration. We continue to send them our well wishes.

During this lockdown we encourage you to keep in contact with your loved ones by phone, video calls, or dropping letters and cards at the home which we will deliver for you. Our lifestyle team are prepared to facilitate communication on your behalf if assistance is required so please feel free to contact them. It is important for us all to keep in contact and provide the love and support we all need during this time.

If you have any queries, please contact us so we may answer your concerns.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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