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Embracia Reservoir – A positive resident case in our “Love” Household

December 25, 2021

Dear Residents and Families

RE: Embracia Reservoir – A positive resident case in our “Love” Household

This is not the Christmas message we want to be sharing, but unfortunately, we must sadly inform you that we have had a resident in the “Love” household test positive to COVID-19.  This resident was tested after we found out their family members in the community had tested positive and had visited their loved one.

Our team have immediately swung into action and have locked down our whole home and have began swabbing all residents so that we can establish our starting position. As much as we would like it to be a snap lockdown, with pathology delays, it is likely to impact results coming back quickly and sadly, we have been told that Aged Care is no longer considered a priority for pathology processing.  It has been publicly reported that delays in results can be up to 72 hours, so please be patient with us as we do all that we can to get results quickly and keep you informed.

Our staff are experienced in managing lockdowns and we have immediately activated our COVID-19 management plan. We have adequate PPE at the home and Catrina is already in contact with the Public Health Unit as we work with relevant government authorities to ensure the best outcomes for all.

Again, at this stage it is only one resident case in the “Love” household. Most of our residents have been double vaccinated and the majority of those who have been eligible, have now had their booster jab as well. We will keep you informed as results come in but expect delays.  We are sorry for this occurrence and on such a special day for families, but we must place our staff and resident’s health and safety first, therefore there will be no visitation until further notice.

We understand you may wish to take your loved one out for Christmas, but we strongly recommend against this until we have our first round of results back.  Of course, the choice and risk is yours if you do decide to take your loved one out.

If you have questions regarding essential care visits, they are to be directed to Catrina as the Manager of the home.  Please email her at catrinab@embraciavic.com.au with any questions.  Please try not to all call at once as our staff are busy setting up our lockdown.

Thank you for working with us and stay safe.

Kind regards

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt

Camille Gordon
General Manager


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