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Embracia Moonee Valley – today’s testing and update on cases

July 16, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Friends

Re: Embracia Moonee Valley – today’s testing and update on cases

We would like to update you on the progress of our residents with COVID-19. The three residents who have remained at the home, are clinically stable and at this stage are not showing any new symptoms. The two residents who were admitted to hospital are still being cared for at the hospital. One resident is stable and having their symptoms managed however the other resident’s condition has deteriorated. Their family has visited, and the medical staff are supporting them at this challenging time.

Today we have been notified that another two staff members, who worked in Winx and Kingston Town, have tested positive to COVID-19 since Saturday’s testing and both were A symptomatic.  At midnight last night we were notified about one staff member testing positive.  They were a close contact to the residents in Winx and last worked day shift on Monday. They have been self-isolating since Tuesday after we were notified about our 5 residents on Monday night. They had been tested on Saturday and their results were negative. However due to being identified as a close contact, they were tested again on Tuesday and returned a positive result to COVID-19.

Then this afternoon we were notified of the other staff member receiving their positive results. They have also been self-isolating as a close contact. They last worked on Sunday in our Kingston Town household.  Both staff, along with all staff in the home, have been wearing masks since lockdown commenced last Thursday. We would like to thank the staff members for recognising the importance to self-isolate immediately and to be retested. This now brings the positive case total to five staff and five residents.

Today we conducted our second round of testing for residents and the remaining staff. This is an important round as it is now day 11 since the original case. Again, we expect the results to be returned within 72 hours. We hope that it may be sooner like first round, but considering the volume of testing being undertaken, it may be longer. These results will provide us the information on any new cases, and we will respond accordingly. We will notify you of the results as soon as we receive them.

To assist you to better understand the total picture over the past week since we locked down last Thursday:

  • First positive staff member confirmed Thursday 9th July – A nurse across the home who last worked Sunday 5th July.
  • Second Staff member (unrelated to first staff) confirmed case Sunday 12th July and last worked Wednesday 8th July in Northerly/ Tulloch.
  • Third staff member tested positive 13th July and last worked in Winx and Kingston Town on Saturday 11th July.
  • Five residents from Winx household were confirmed positive on Monday 13th July.
  • Fourth Staff tested positive midnight 15th July and last worked Monday 13th July in Winx.
  • Fifth staff member tested positive today, 16th July and last worked in Kingston Town on Sunday 12th July.
  • Round 2 testing of all staff and residents today 16th July

From this timeline, our first case and all close contact staff in isolation are due to be cleared and ready for work early next week, pending their final negative test.  Our staff immediately went into full PPE in both Winx and Kingston Town households on first floor once we received notification of the 5 residents with positive results.  The next 72 hours, until we get today’s test results, will be critical to our next steps.  We have additional nursing, care, and cleaning staff in both households, and we have had full review and audits on our infection control set up and protocols, by the independent Aged Care Liaison Service from Western Health.  Our team are working tirelessly, and we are committed to being open and transparent, to keep everyone informed.

Please keep in contact with your family and we strongly encourage you to email our Lifestyle team if you need assistance with teleconferencing. Our Lifestyle team are the key people managing direct communication with residents, so please email them at lifestylem@embraciavic.com.au to book a time to communicate with your loved one.

We will continue to keep you informed and the results of today’s testing.

Kind regards and stay safe,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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