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Embracia Moonee Valley – next round of testing and more clearances

July 30, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

Re: Embracia Moonee Valley – next round of testing and more clearances

We have not had any new cases today which we hope is the beginning of things to come. We have more pleasing news that two more staff members have received clearance from DHHS and are able to return to work.

We were advised this afternoon that Sonic, the Federal Government assigned pathology group, will be onsite tomorrow morning to test residents for a fifth round. The staff will be tested after this.

We received written notification from the Commonwealth that there is a new process to reduce testing delays for retesting:

“The new process aims to have resident testing completed within 24-36 hours of notification of an outbreak, and staff testing completed within 30–48 hours of notification.  In addition, retesting will also occur on the scheduled days.

There are two key changes to the former process:

  • Resident and staff testing will be completed separately and:
  • Resident testing will be conducted from 8.30am on the scheduled testing day

For staff testing, organisations will be provided with 6 hours’ notice before the testing will occur.  Sonic will also provide options for staff who are unable to attend the onsite testing.

It is envisaged the staff testing will occur on the same or subsequent day (depending on the time residents are tested) to the resident testing.”

So, we will expect resident results to be completed sooner but not sure how it will affect staff result return times. To have quicker response times will allow us to implement any interventions sooner and therefore minimise any impact of an infection.  At this stage we still have direction from DHHS for all our staff to remain in full PPE until instructed otherwise.

For the Community and public, prompt results, coupled with swift self-isolation when you have symptoms or are close contacts, are vital interventions to minimise the opportunity for infection to spread.  Of course, this is in addition to good hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask.

Today’s Summary:


  • 7 active cases in our home.
  • 1 person in hospital – recovered and is COVID free, following a further negative result.


  • 3 active cases who are all stable or asymptomatic
  • 4 recovered and given DHHS clearance.

Contact Cases:

  • 5 active cases. We do not have confidence of the accuracy of this number now as DHHS has stopped reporting these cases to us.

Thank you to our wonderful community on Facebook and Instagram, your kind words, support, and praise for our efforts are incredibly appreciated and inspire us to keep on fighting 24/7.  Our team read your comments and feel the support and love in your messages and emails.  Please keep following our Facebook page, Instagram, and our website to keep up to date as we will continue to share photos of what is happening inside our home.  Don’t forget to email lifestylemv@embraciavic.com.au to arrange a phone call, zoom call or a window visit.  Please stay home, wear a mask if you are outside your home, wash your hands regularly and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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