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All NEGATIVE from our 9th round of testing

October 8, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

Re: All NEGATIVE from our 9th round of testing.

To our patient and supportive residents, staff, families, and friends, we are pleased to share that we received 100% NEGATIVE results for both residents and staff from yesterday’s testing!  This means we stretch out our testing time to 5 days, rather than 72 hours, therefore we do not have any further tests until Monday 12th October.  This is a welcomed break for our residents and staff.

We are also pleased to share that a further two residents have now been cleared, leaving only 1 resident still needing clearance.  We have been working today with Dr Evelyn Wong and her team at the Public Health Unit and we hope to be moving our recovered residents from Winx and back to Northerly in the coming days. This will make window visits easier as well as access to our gardens to enjoy the Spring weather.  Once our final resident in Winx is cleared, they will also move back to Northerly to their original room.

We are also working with Dr Wong to correct the incorrect publishing of our numbers on DHHS website.  They have combined our two outbreak figures, plus inflated the number far greater than Embracia, the Commonwealth and even the Public Health Unit (PHU) can reconcile and sadly many media sources rely on and publish this incorrect data across the nation.  Embracia is working with the Commonwealth and PHU to ensure the correct numbers are published on the DHHS website.  We have also recommended that DHHS report per outbreak, rather than adding numbers together, painting a worse situation.  We hope to have feedback on this matter in the coming days.

Active Cases according to our notifications:


  • Original total: 13 residents
  • Cleared COVID cases:   8 residents
  • Active cases: 1 Residents
  • Passed: 4 residents (2 from COVID-19 and 2 passed relating to other medical conditions)


  • Original total: 10 Staff
  • Cleared cases: 9 Staff
  • Active Cases: 1 Active cases
  • Other Contacts: 1 Contractor (Counted by DHHS) – Has now been cleared

Thank you again for working with us and for your ongoing support.  Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Sarah MacKenzie
Managing Director

Damien Lippiatt
General Manager

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