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Embracia Reservoir – Gradual down grades

October 15, 2021

We are pleased to inform you that we have received the results from the testing conducted on the 12th October and they are all NEGATIVE for both residents and staff.

Therefore, we have been advised Harmony, Peace and Happiness households have been downgraded to green zones. This means that all residents in these households may move about and socialise within their households. We have also just received advice from DHHS that the green households “are able to have visitors within the current guidelines for a non-outbreak setting”. That is, visitation is restricted to only visitors who are required to provide physical and emotional support to the residents.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – An update on the whole home

We are pleased to report that we have 100% negative test results for all residents across the home.  We can confirm that from the one positive staff case who worked in Manikato household, there has been no transmission to any other staff or resident at our home to date.

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Embracia Reservoir – Further update on residents and testing

October 12, 2021

From the testing conducted on the 8th October, we identified another resident in the Love household to be positive with COVID, this resident is highly mobile and likes to wander and therefore, was unfortunately always deemed to be at high risk of catching the virus. This brings the total to 15 residents with COVID. There is one resident who are receiving additional fluids and one on oxygen for additional support. There is a lot of variability between residents’ conditions as they fight this infection. We are constantly monitoring all residents and have observed that their health can fluctuate through the day and night.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – slowly receiving negative results

We apologise for the break in our group notification, but we have been keeping individual families updated of results as they have come through. We are sorry for any frustration, we feel it too, as these are the longest testing times, we have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. Last night we received the last of the testing results from the 7th October and we are pleased to share that all results from residents and staff are negative.  This includes all Manikato residents and staff who are deemed close contacts of the staff member who tested positive.  At this stage we are pleased that it appears, this will hopefully be an isolated case, but we have further test results still to go.

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Embracia Reservoir – 1 new staff confirmed case of COVID

October 8, 2021

As a result of testing from the 6th October, we have identified one staff member from Love household who tested positive. This result remains within the period of potential infection prior to lockdown. They are showing mild symptoms and they have not been working since their test on Wednesday and whilst at work, they were in full PPE. From the same batch of results, we can report that all other residents and staff have returned negative results.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – waiting for results

We do not have much to share with you at this stage because we are still waiting for the results of the testing from yesterday.

As you know, the current situation of COVID in Melbourne is placing incredible demands on all the relevant health services, including pathology. Usually, we would receive COVID tests results in less than 24 hours, however this week we have experienced delays of over 48 hours due to the number of tests being processed across the state and furloughed staff in the labs. So, we do not have any results at this stage.

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Embracia Moonee Valley – A confirmed Staff positive case of COVID-19

October 7, 2021

We are writing to inform you that very late last night we were informed by one of our staff that they had tested positive to COVID-19.  This staff member tested on Monday 4th October and only received their results yesterday and informed us immediately.  They last worked at Embracia Moonee Valley in the Manikato Household on Saturday 2nd October.  This staff member, like 100% of all our staff, is vaccinated.  We also have 97% of our residents who have had their first COVID vaccine and 92% are double vaccinated.

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Embracia Reservoir – Staff confirmed cases of COVID-19

October 6, 2021

We did not provide a letter yesterday as we were awaiting test results which were delayed. However today we received notification that three staff have tested positive.

These staff have all worked in the Love household, they remain asymptomatic, and are vaccinated. They are now isolating, and we hope they rest well. All other residents in Harmony, Peace, Happiness, and Joy remain COVID free. Our staff have agency care staff working with them in these households to help support the residents during these times of isolation. Everyone is managing well at this time.

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Embracia Reservoir – More confirmed cases of COVID-19

October 4, 2021

From the testing over the weekend, we have two residents in the Love household testing positive to COVID19. Currently they are asymptomatic but only one of the residents is fully vaccinated. The doctors have reported that all the residents are managing at this time with some residents on subcutaneous fluids or receiving oxygen. The doctors have explained that this is encouraging at this stage however it is in the next few days that we shall see the true impact of the virus. This is an important week for the health of our residents because the critical time for general health decline occurs between days 5-10. The Public Health doctors are visiting daily and monitoring all the residents in Love very closely.

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Embracia Reservoir – More confirmed cases of COVID-19

October 2, 2021

We can report a further 8 residents have tested positive to COVID-19, 7 of those residents are in our memory support area known as Love Household and one new case is in the Joy Household. All residents that have tested positive are in a stable condition, all are fully vaccinated and being well managed by our staff in the home.

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