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When World’s Collide: Benefits of Volunteering in Aged Care

July 25, 2018

At Embracia we are not just about providing for our elderly and taking care of their needs but also creating a culture that encourages others to join us. Our volunteer program brings many benefits for all involved, and not just our residents.

Benefits for the Aged Care Recipient

Improving overall health: The benefits of frequent interaction are well documented within the aged care community, thus Embracia’s proactive approach to fun, fresh activities that keep the days interesting for our residents by our staff. However, when combined with volunteer contributions, both residents and volunteers alike benefit from each other’s company and have plenty to gain from an intellectual and even spiritual level, which is a great boost for their health.

Making Connections: Getting to know new people is always beneficial for mental well being, allowing you to step outside your comfort zone by interacting with someone of which you may not normally come into contact. For the residents it keeps their days from being too repetitive and enables their minds to continuously come into contact with new stimuli. Volunteering in Aged Care keeps residents feeling connected to the community and the world outside of an Aged Care facility. Remember volunteering in aged Care takes many forms from visiting an individual; organizing entertainment in a residential facility to assisting with any of the organizations that provide services for the elderly. Explore the options and find out what might suit you and fit in with your interests and other commitments.

A little time goes a long way:  Volunteering only requires a small portion of your week as you’re able to volunteer for as little as a few hours at a time or volunteer daily. All of it is appreciated and highly beneficial to our residents.  With numerous benefits both physically and mentally, it is an opportunity to give back to those that have given us so much. Those that have helped shaped the world we live in today and reap all the benefits of their hard work! It’s a tremendous privilege to not only spend time with residents but hear so much about their life stories.

Activities:  Keeping active with different activities in Aged Care facilities, excursions, learning new skills or building on existing ones, as well as boosting your self-confidence and satisfaction.

Mental Health and Well Being: Volunteering is something that rewards you, not monetarily but internally. There is clinical evidence that helping others combats our own depression and can bring meaning to our life, relieve stress, and make us feel valued. Not to mention the social aspect, human beings must have social interaction. Imagine all the stories you would hear; real life memories, and experiences, potentially from all over the world; from an individual older than you. The journeys and lives they’ve lived that you get to hear first hand.

If you’re interested in volunteering we would love to have you join us at Embracia. Feel free to contact us at enquiries@embracia.com.au

or for more general information on volunteering, please visit www.govolunteer.com.au/seniors-volunteering/in-melbourne%20city?interest=2


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Puppets Alive visit Embracia Reservoir

June 20, 2018

Puppets Alive made a fun filled visit to our residents at Embracia Reservoir this month, and boy were they entertaining.

Puppets Alive offers both amusing and engaging performances that include a history of puppetry, well known songs and fun loving puppets that interact with the audience. We chose an Italian theme for our performance. Residents just loved singing along to the classic Italian songs and Mario Lanza (as a puppet) was a particular hit with the ladies!

Stephen the puppeteer has over 15 years experience working with puppets and entertaining in aged care homes across Melbourne. He has completed a course in understanding dementia and has vast experience in aged care that enhances his interactions, in particular for those living with dementia.


As well as providing great entertainment, Puppets Alive also donate a portion of their fee to Dementia Australia. Thanks to Stephen and Puppets Alive for giving our residents such a laugh, we can’t wait for the next performance!

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